August 2017-Idaho

On August 20th we were in Kennewick Washington and we had decided that we wanted to see the eclipse so Joe looked into how far we would have to drive to get into the “zone of totality.” We decided that Cascade Idaho, which was in the zone and on our route to Yellowstone, would be ideal. We found a reservoir with free parking and waited for the show. There were about 40 of us, mostly families, the kids did a 30 second countdown to totality.  It was great fun.  It was certainly worth the ten hour, scenic, drive to get two minutes of viewing.  This was the first solar eclipse we have ever seen, to be outside at mid day and have the world go dark was really weird, eerie, amazing and cool.

Friends of ours had told us that they really liked Idaho and strongly urged us to spend some time there.  We are so glad we took their advice.  The drive along the 95 and 55 through Hell’s Canyon was stunning.   The city of Boise had a nice vibe and Twin Falls “the gateway to Snake River Canyon”  is a beautiful area.  We stopped to see Shoshone Falls just outside of Twin Falls which to be honest was a bit of a disappointment but only because it was late in the year so the falls were not at their fullest and most impressive.

Shoshone Falls

Our last stop in Idaho was Craters of the Moon NM.    We have visited several volcanic areas in our travels (El Malpais NM in New Mexico and Hawaii) and Craters is more of the same but certainly worth a visit.  The visitor center has a great display illustrating the geology of the area and the North Crater Trail to the spatter cones is really neat.  Please click here to view our August Flickr album.


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