May 2017-Wateron Lakes & Glacier NP

On our way to BC from Ottawa we were keen to spend some time in both Wateron Lakes and Glacier NP’s. We had heard a lot of good things about these parks and they did not disappoint. As it was still early in the year we could not summit the higher trails but the short and steep Bear’s Hump trail in Waterton Lakes with its excellent views was a great introduction to the park.

The view from Bear’s Hump trail

Since most of the summits had snow we stuck to the trails ending at waterfalls and with all the precipitation this past Winter the falls were full and beautiful.   To our delight there was a big group of Bighorn Sheep right in the town of Waterton, the rangers explained to us that we were lucky to see them because later, as it gets warmer, they head up the mountains.  Joe was able to take some great photos of them.

Glacier NP on the U.S. side was even more spectacular. We loved the Many Glacier campground, we had a great spot on the water with fabulous views.  We even saw a grizzly mom with cubs on the adjacent rock face. We did a couple of fantastic hikes in this park; Grinnell Glacier-too much snow to get to the glacier but great views nonetheless and Scenic Point trail from Two Medicine campground.

Enjoying the views on Grinnell Glacier trail

This time of year we could not drive the famous “Road to the Sun” so that remains on the to-do list however we could easily appreciate the beauty of this area and would be happy to return.  Please click here to view our Spring Flickr album.


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