April 2017-The Long Drive

We crossed the border into British Columbia in early April and started the very long drive, approximately 4400km back to Ottawa.  There is lots to see in BC, it is a beautiful province and we have only started to explore there.  Last year we spent lots of time in North Western BC; Smithers, Prince Rupert, Stewart and the stunning Salmon Glacier but this was our first time driving through the southern area.  We really liked the drive on the 5A between Merritt and Kamloops-gorgeous, we even saw a couple of Bald eagles close to the road.

We spent a couple of very enjoyable days with friends in Nelson, a cool, quirky town with some lovely shops.  It is always nice to break up long driving days with a couple of stationary days.  As we worked our way East we stopped in Grasslands NP in southern Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan is a province we drive through with few stops but we had the time and inclination to visit Grasslands and Big Muddy Valley.  Grasslands was beautiful and we saw plenty of wildlife including Bison, which we were both very excited to see.  This animal is big and impressive, Joe spent spent a long time happily photographing a group that was right by the road.  In addition to Bison we saw Pronghorns, Prairie Dogs and we think we saw either a wolf or a very big coyote.  We also saw the most beautiful group of horses we had ever seen, big, strong, healthy and beautiful coloring, each one very different.  We saw them in the distance so Joe pulled over and they came running, they must belong to someone.  They stayed by the truck, probably sheltering out of the wind as it was crazy windy there, and allowed us to photograph them.

I had read about Big Muddy Valley, in fact, National Geographic put it on their “Places of a Lifetime” list for Canada.  It sounded neat but sadly after visiting so many incredible places in North America Big Muddy Valley was underwhelming.  It is neat, not what you expect to see in Saskatchewan but it just cannot compare to, say, Alberta’s badlands.


Please click here to view our April Flickr album.


One thought on “April 2017-The Long Drive

  1. Really enjoyed reading about your adventures along with the gorgeous pictures. Always great to hear from you and to hear that “life is good for you” and that you are so fortunate to experience the beautiful nature, the animal kingdom, the vegitation and the scenery. You are totally blessed.
    How long will you be staying in Ottawa?
    Hugs from Auntie Anne & Coco.


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