Yosemite & Sequoia’s-Feb 2017

Although not an ideal time of year to visit Yosemite NP, the views were spectacular and with all the snow and rain, Yosemite Falls was full and fierce.  The trail up Half Dome was closed but we did manage to get in a couple of nice hikes.  We spent three days in the park, our last day it rained all day so we had an indoor day.  What do we do on a rainy day stuck in the truck?  More often than not we work on our photos, mostly editing and getting them down to a reasonable number.  We also spend several hours reading,  retirement is a great time to catch up on reading.  We brought our Kindles with us but also several books and I find it very satisfying to donate books along the way as we finish with them.  Our pile of “someday” books has shrunk significantly.

As we made our way South towards Baja we also stopped in Kings Canyon & Sequoia NP‘s, lots of the longer trails were inaccessible due to snow.   We chose not to rent snowshoes, instead we layered up with thick socks, gaiters and rain pants and walked until we were sinking up to our thighs.  We were really excited to see the giant sequoia‘s and they did not disappoint, I don’t know if our photos can truly capture their size.  These trees are so much bigger than anything around them, they are like the dinosaurs of the forest.  Although our cities are full of giant structures the giants made by nature seem to have a bigger impact on me. We LOVED these trees.  We spent two hours on a half mile loop just in awe, only leaving when our necks got too sore from looking up all the time.  Click here to view our Feb Flickr album.


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