Thank you!!!

This is long overdue but I felt it was time to acknowledge those of you that have taken the time to write to us through our blog.  I do not post any comments but we read every single one of them and I can honestly say that each one has made us smile.  Your words are always kind and we cannot thank you enough.

I had no plans of keeping a blog when we first set out but friends encouraged me to do so and I am enjoying the process, it is like keeping a digital scrapbook.  I really enjoy re-living our experiences when I sort through our photos and check my travel journal for facts and details about a particular place.  However those of you that have left us comments seem to be strangers that we have not even met.  You have seen the truck parked or driven by us or past us on the roads and have written to us welcoming us into your towns and cities, given us words of encouragement and have also told us that we have inspired you to set out on your own journeys.  All this kindness has overwhelmed us with feelings of happiness and appreciation.

YOU make our time in North America a joy, we laugh and smile every time we get a thumbs up, a friendly wave or honk of the horn and that happens almost every day.  Thank you.


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