Back to Baja-Feb 2017

We just had to come back to Baja to see the whales.  It was a quick visit, only two weeks.  We spent our time in Ojo de Liebre, San Ignacio lagoon and our favourite town in Baja, Loreto.  February is your best chance of seeing both Grey and Blue whales.  We have done a few whale watching trips in Canada; Quebec and British Columbia and nothing compares to the whale watching in Baja.


Petting a young Grey whale

To get this close to a whale is so special and the respect given to these whales by the guides make it that much more enjoyable.  The friendly whales are choosing to approach the boats, there is no harassing or chasing.  Our guide was as excited as we were in San Ignacio when, at one point, he counted seven whales around our boat!  Tourists and guides alike seem to appreciate this unique and precious interaction.  I was lying in bed giddy, I kept saying to Joe “I touched a whale, a whale!!!”   Click here to view our Feb Flickr album.


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