Arizona-Jan 2017

Arizona just blows my mind there is SO much to see, I think “nothing can top this” and then we get to another spot that leaves me speechless.  Around the border of Arizona and Utah you are spoiled for choice when it comes to scenic spots.


While in Page AZ, we visited Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon and Glen Canyon Rec Area and all of these places were incredible. Horseshoe bend was a place we have always wanted to visit and it did not disappoint. We were deliberating about Antelope Canyon as it is famous for its sunbeams during the summer months so we were not sure if it would be worth it at this time of year. We were assured that you only need a little bit of sunlight to see the beauty of the canyon and they were right. We went on a pretty cloudy day and there were only us and one other couple in the canyon so we each had our own guide. Our guide, Lilian was great, she had lots of stories and facts about the canyon and it really added to the experience. We had never been in a slot canyon like that before, I was absolutely giddy with awe, what an incredible place.

We camped at Lone Rock beach, within the Glen Canyon Rec Area, I think we can honestly say it had the best view of any campsite yet and we had the place to ourselves. At this point it had been two months since we left Ottawa and we were keen to get to warmer weather but visiting these “touristy” spots in January had its perks, more often than not we were by ourselves.


Click here to view our January Flickr album.


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