December 2016-New Mexico

Last year we managed to spend a few days in New Mexico, we visited the Gila cliff dwellings and spent some time in the Gila National Forest, which we really enjoyed. We also visited White Sands National Monument which was really neat but we were disappointed that there was little opportunity to hike.

This December we spent a lot of our time in New Mexico’s National Monuments, of which there are many and Wow they all offer there own unique beauty.  We spent two days in El Morro, the petroglyphs were interesting and the hike to the top of the mesa was beautiful with fantastic views.

Trying to get that perfect shot at El Morro-it didn't work

Trying to get that perfect shot at El Morro, it didn’t work!

On our way to Albuquerque to get some provisions and gorge on wifi we stopped in El Malpais National Monument where there was a lot to see;  Lava Falls area, La Ventana natural arch, Sandstone Bluffs lookout and The Narrows, all beautiful spots.

Bridges formed by collapsed lava tubes

Bridges formed by collapsed lava tubes



Taking in the view at Sandstone Bluffs

From Albuquerque we drove to Santa Fe, stopping in the funky, artsy town of Madrid.  I could not resist visiting the shops to enjoy the local arts and crafts, it is at times like this when I wish I had a house to decorate! Just outside Santa Fe we stopped at the BLM office, a must visit to get great advice and local knowledge.  Thanks to their friendly knowledgeable staff we planned out the next couple of weeks and we were really excited.



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