December 2016-going South

We left Ottawa late in November and immediately headed South for warmer temperatures.  We stopped in Mammoth Cave, which was interesting and very different from the other caves we have seen.  Carlsbad and Kartchner have spectacular formations while Mammoth felt more like a tunnel, a very different experience.  From there we started to head West and South and spent  two very pleasant days in Caprock Canyons State Park in northern Texas. We did the Upper Canyon-Haynes Ridge Overlook hike, which was a beautiful hike with great views and we even saw a bison on our way back.

Haynes Ridge Overlook, Caprocks Canyon

Haynes Ridge Overlook, Caprocks Canyon


We almost walked right into this Bison in Caprock Canyons

From there we wanted to get within striking distance of the VLA in New Mexico.  The space geek in both of us was really excited to visit this site and we were not disappointed.  There is not much there but the museum has a great exhibit and the award winning film is certainly worth watching.  There is a short walking trail that takes you close to one of the antenna and while we visited the antennas were in the D formation, which means they were the furthest apart.  It was a great day and we were so glad we came, we also watched the movie Contact, which just added to the whole experience.  Please click here to view our December Flickr album.

Having fun at the VLA

Having fun at the VLA



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