An Anniversary & a Break Up

We started our nomadic life on November 4th 2014 and these past two years have given us both freedom and challenges.  Epiphanies and uncomfortable realizations.  I think it is the reaction to our vehicle that has surprised us the most.  We cannot put a dollar amount on what it is worth to have people honk and give us the thumbs up, or yell out their car windows “that is the coolest thing I have ever seen!”  Our truck is a conversation starter, it makes it so much easier to meet people.  And the people we have met have been nothing but kind, friendly, helpful and generous.

We get asked a lot what is the hardest part of living this way and initially I thought it was going to be the tiny space but that has been relatively easy.    Although, those little things that used to only slightly annoy me in a big house, get amplified in a tiny space.  No, the biggest challenge has been both of us being retired and spending 24-7 together.  I underestimated how much easier it was to be with someone when you both work and only spend about four hours a day together.  I now have a greater understanding of why some couples as they age start to take separate vacations and even sleep in separate bedrooms, everybody needs their personal space.  I believe marrying for life is perfectly natural and wonderful but spending 24 hours a day together, seven days a week?  NOT natural.  So, I do see this kind of lifestyle as a short term phase of our life.  We look forward to having a home again and being part of a community and most importantly spending time with the people we love.  I have come to realize just how important my relationships are to me.  We will always travel but at some point in the not too distant future we also want a home to come back to, one that does not have wheels!

Now for the Break Up, in October I entered the Civic Hospital in Ottawa to end a very toxic relationship with my Uterus.  Since the age of 14 my Uterus has given me nothing but problems starting with Endometriosis (very painful periods) and in the last two years Fibroids “in the worst possible place in your uterus” according to my Gynecologist.  I have almost fully recovered and I cannot express the freedom I have knowing that I will never menstruate again, think about this I never have to spend money on ‘feminine products” and the environmentally conscious part of me is jumping up and down for joy not having to consume all those”feminine products.”

In addition to all those benefits my Gyno informed me after the surgery that my uterus was 10x the normal size thanks to those Fibriods, 10x!!!  Instead of 40 grams it weighed 400, that is almost half a kilogram and that was after being on a drug for three months which had shrunk the Fiboids and my uterus.  My Gyno also told me that I will physically feel the difference of not having my uterus, maybe I can finally have that flat stomach I have always dreamt of but never been able to achieve!



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