Alberta-Sept 2016

Joe did a lot of driving to get us from Fairbanks to Hyder.  After five days of driving we were both really looking forward to being parked in Hyder and taking a few days to watch the bears.  Sadly we only saw two but it was interesting to see how much the fish had changed since our first visit.  In July we saw lots of Chum but in September the Chum were pretty much all dead and there were now plenty of Pinks.

After brief stops in Dawson City and Whitehorse we arrived in Drumheller, Alberta on Sept 8th.  Joe and I are big Dinosaur buffs so the Royal Tyrrell Museum was a “must see” for us and we were not disappointed.  From there we drove to Dinosaur Provincial Park where we did a guided tour into the park to see and touch dinosaur fossils.  A M A Z I N G.  Once you get your “eyes in” you can see the fossils all around you, it is quite remarkable.


Touching a dinosaur fossil

As we were making our back to Ottawa we decided  to cross the border and drive along the southern shore of Lake Superior through Wisconsin and Minnesota.  In Wisconsin we stopped at the North American Bear Center where they keep several black bears.  Joe was keen to take more photos but we were disappointed with the enclosures especially when we compare them to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  However, the exhibit hall was fantastic!!!  We regretted not getting their sooner because we easily could have spent all day there learning about bears.  If you want to learn more about bears, all species of bears, this is the place to visit, I have yet to see a better exhibit on animal behaviour.

We then spent two beautiful sunny days in the charming town of Bayfield where we did a boat tour of the Apostle Islands . Joe did some marathon driving and just three days later we arrived in Ottawa just in time to enjoy the spectacular colors of Fall.


Please click here to view our September Flickr album.



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