Alaska-Kenai Peninsula

Even though only a small part of Alaska is accessible by road you will be doing a lot of driving when visiting Alaska. However we quickly realized two things; most of the driving is scenic and it is really easy to find free camping. Not only were all of our campsites free but almost all of them were beautiful even the road side pullouts had great views! We do not like to camp in organized campgrounds and we do not need services so Alaska was great for us.
We spent ten days on the Kenai Peninsula and it rained for seven of those days. We decided not to go to Whittier because we could not get on the boat tour that we wanted on the one sunny day in the weekly forecast. Instead spent that one sunny day at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. We had a great day watching the bears; two Blacks and three Grizzlies. Although the bears in the conservation center are habituated to humans and somewhat trained (one has been on TV several times), this was a great opportunity for photos and for watching their behaviour.

It would have been nice to have sunny weather for the driving on the peninsula but the weather was not so bad that we could not appreciate the beauty of the area, especially the Seward Hwy South of Anchorage. In Seward we did another boat trip and it rained steadily so it was a challenge to take photos but again we saw plenty of wildlife. I could watch Sea Otters all day! The tidewater glaciers were amazing, a 200 foot high wall of ice is certainly impressive. On one of the other rare sunny days on the Kenai we hiked the Lost Lake Trail and it was fantastic. Not challenging but everything we want from a hike, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, views to the sea, wild flowers and fresh blueberries! Our only other sunny day was spent in Homer, we walked the Homer Spit and I cannot tell you how nice it felt to be in a T-Shirt and to feel the heat of the sun on our backs, we were really missing the sun.

Click here to view our August Flickr album.


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