Hyder, Alaska-July 2016

We were really excited to get to Hyder this was going to be our first opportunity to see Grizzly bears up close. The drive into Hyder is beautiful we preferred it to the Icefields Parkway, higher peaks, more glaciers and bigger glaciers.  The towns of Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK are small, really small, tourists come for the bears and Salmon Glacier, the most impressive and picturesque glacier so far in our opinion.
The Fish Creek wildlife viewing platform in Hyder is impressive, 600 feet long and perfectly situated to watching bears walk along the creek as you can follow them for 600 feet. We arrived a few days after the Chum, in mid-July and it was fascinating to watch them in the very clear water. We were told that because the creek was not full of Chum it was easier to watch their behaviour; females making redds, males chasing off other males and pursuing females. It was like having an enormous aquarium to watch while we waited for the bears.  Bears new to the creek were apprehensive to come close to the platform but fortunately for us there were a few that did not seem bothered. One female crossed under the platform, caught a few fish and then sat on the bank eating. Watching the bears chase and catch the fish was fantastic. Compared to other guaranteed grizzly bear trips, Hyder is by far and away the best value,  $26 to spend seven days on the platform (6am-10pm) and you can come and go as you please.  It takes a lot of driving to get to Hyder but we feel that it is absolutely worth it.  Click here to view our July Flickr album.



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