British Columbia-July 2016

Our next major stop was Hyder, Alaska to hopefully see Grizzlies feeding on chum salmon. On our way we stopped in Smithers, a nice little town with a hike (Glacier Gorge) up to Kathlyn Glacier. We felt a bit short changed with the Athabasca Glacier so we were keen to do this hike as we were told that we could touch the glacier. At the trail head were four free campsites which were really nice. The hike was hard but rewarding with great views and indeed you can get right up to the glacier. We were amazed at the dramatic decrease in temperature as we approached the ice. Kathlyn is not the prettiest glacier, lots of sediment but it was the first glacier we could actually get our hands on…at least until Alaska, but more on that later.
From Smithers we drove to Prince Rupert and we really liked it there, a nice, clean, friendly town that reminded us of being in Newfoundland.  We really enjoyed walking around town to see the murals and spending time in the beautiful “Sunken Garden.”  While in Prince Rupert we did a boat trip out to the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Sanctuary where we did see a few grizzlies; a young male and a mother with three cubs. On the way back we were treated to a couple of fantastic spectacles, a young humpback playing, doing multiple fin slaps and breaches and then about 30+ bald eagles flying around the boat.  Before the salmon run, the crew throw out pieces of fat which the eagles love to eat.  Although not a “natural” event, seeing eagles this close was incredible and provided a fantastic photo opportunity.  Please click here to view our July Flickr album.


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