Jasper, AB – July 2016

We arrived in Jasper on July 3rd and I have to say that I prefer it to Banff, a different…vibe. We spent our first night in the Whistlers Overflow lot just outside of Snaring River campground because it was Canada Day week-end and the campgrounds were full.   The overflow lot had lots of campers but it had the best views of any campground so far in our trip.  Just a heads up, the Overflow Lot is only open when the Snaring River Campground is full.

We spent two days in Jasper NP and there are three things that we highly recommend doing if you visit Jasper;  (1) drive to Edith Cavell to walk the Path of the Glacier.  The aptly named Angel glacier, due to its shape, is the only hanging glacier we have seen with a lake at the bottom with lots of chunks of ice and it was really pretty. (2) Hike Malign Canyon, the hike is not strenuous and the river with its many waterfalls are beautiful and (3) drive to Malign Lake, where we finally got our moose photos. We saw about a dozen moose in Newfoundland and we even saw a couple driving through Ontario but we had yet to get a photo.  Right beside the road on the way out of Malign Lake we saw a mother with her calf, they did not seem completely relaxed but they stayed close enough to the road for us to get a few photos.

Stay tuned for our July Flickr Album; Grizzlies, Glaciers, Sea Otters and so much more!


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