Glacier NP, BC-June 2016

While in Lake Louise we decided to do a side trip to Glacier NP since it was close by. We booked four nights at Illecillewaet Campground and it was lovely, we manged to get a spot with a little stream running through our site and close to the river.  It rained our first day in the park but then the weather was going to be clear for three days and we were keen to do more hiking.  I have to admit that I was nervous about hiking in this area because there were lots of bear warnings and sightings but we managed to do three hikes without any bear encounters.

We hiked Perley Rock which was a fantastic hike (one of our absolute favourites) with lots of waterfalls, stunning mountain views and the snow field at the top was beautiful.  Hermit trail is a very steep trail in the park and came highly recommended from park staff so after a full day’s recovery from the Perley Rock trail we were ready to tackle Hermit.  It was worth the unrelenting ascent.  B E A U T I F U L,  with the alpine meadows, waterfalls, streams, rock staircases and of course more stunning views.

On the way back to Lake Louise we stopped in Yoho NP to see Takakkaw Falls, this is a must-see. We arrived in the evening and it was pretty cloudy but patience paid off, we waited long enough for the sun to peak out for a few minutes and light up part of the falls.  Please click here to view our June Flickr album.


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