Ontario, Manitoba-June 2016

If you want to know just how big Ontario is, drive across it. We spent three long eight hour days driving, stopping in Sudbury, Marathon & Dryden. Not that it was a boring drive, Ontario is beautiful and we saw plenty of wildlife; four Black Bears, two Moose, one Bald Eagle, a few Beavers and several Sandhill Cranes. When I was 14 we moved from Winnipeg to Ottawa and we drove, it was interesting to see some of the same sites 28 years later.


Terry Fox Monument in Thunder Bay

Just before crossing into Manitoba we stopped at my favourite childhood campground, Rushing Rivers Provincial Park and I loved being there, fond memories rushed into my mind. The nostalgia continued as we visited my old neighbourhood in Winnipeg, my family lived there for six years and I loved my time there. Visiting the neighourhood (Waverly Heights) now, made me realize what a great place it was to grow up.  We were keen to get to Calgary and Banff so we drove straight through Saskatchewan.  After driving across Ontario, Saskatchewan went by very quickly.  The prairies have a beauty all their own, big big skies.


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