Calgary & Banff, AB-June 2016

In Calgary I visited an Aunt I had not seen in over 20 years and it was nice to catch up. It is really interesting and lovely to meet up with a relative you have not seen since childhood, if decades have passed since your last meeting it is like getting to know a whole new person, you get to connect on a different level.   Prince’s Island Park in Calgary is certainly worth a visit, a lovely spot in the middle of the city.

 downtown Calgary

downtown Calgary

From Calgary we headed for Banff and it was a lovely drive along the 1a. We enjoyed our time in Banff NP, we hiked Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass, Sulphur Mountain, Johnston Canyon Falls and Inkpots. When we got to the top of Sulphur Mountain it was snowing heavily so we did not stay too long at the summit.   We started our descent  and within ten minutes it had cleared so we missed some stunning summit views. We quickly learned that mountain weather changes frequently, if it is snowing-wait ten to twenty minutes. Before leaving Banff we did the guided tour at the Cave & Basin Historic Site, the tour is very well done by the guides; informative and entertaining.


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