Home again-May 2016

Spring and Fall have always been my favourite seasons, Spring in Ottawa means the Annual Tulip Festival, which I love and Fall in Ottawa is a spectacular colour explosion.  Our truck insurance requires us to come back to Ontario every six months and I could not be happier that it ends up being in April and October, right in the middle of my favourite seasons.  Believe it or not, our American friends, Ottawa gets hot and humid come June ( as I write this the temp is 41 with the humidex!) so by the time we hit the road in late May and early November we have been able to enjoy the best of our favourite seasons and leave before the undesirable weather moves in.

Initially we felt that having to return to Ontario every six months was an inconvenience but now I think it is a blessing in disguise as we truly enjoy coming home and we get to spend time with loved ones, something we did not truly appreciate until we started traveling full time.  The distance between us and our loved ones was painfully evident when friends were struggling with some serious health issues and we could not be there in person to offer help, comfort or support.


Technology allows us to be in contact but phone calls and facetime cant eliminate the distance between us and nothing can replace a squeeze of the hand, an arm around the shoulder or a big bear hug.

After some much needed reconnecting  we are off to explore the North of North America, Alaska, Yukon, here we come!



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