California, San Diego-March 2016

After leaving Joshua Tree NP we visited some new friends that live in San Diego and they very kindly offered to be our tour guides for several days. We went to La Jolla beach to see the sea lions, unfortunately there were a few idiots harassing (in our opinion) the animals. Snorkeling with the sea lions in Baja was so special nothing can compare, really.   La Jolla is beautiful with fantastic views over the bay.



We also visited Cabrillo National Monument which had wonderful views over San Diego as well as San Diego’s world famous zoo.  We had high expectations of the zoo and indeed the enclosures are the biggest we have seen in any zoo, however, it is still a zoo and after visiting Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park twice to see the wildlife it is really hard to see African wildlife in cages and enclosures.  My feelings are really torn about zoos, with travel being fairly accessible perhaps it is time to close our zoos or maybe we could have less zoos to minimize the amount of animals that have to live in captivity.  Check out this documentary that addresses this controversial issue.

Click here to view our March 2016 Flickr album.



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