Arizona-March/April 2016

On our way East from California we spent another week in Arizona.  Joe being a bit of a space geek we stopped at Kitt Peak Observatory and our luck served us well because the day we showed up we managed to get the last two spots in the night program. Normally you would have to book one month ahead!  I learned more about identifying constellations and we both thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jupiter through the 20″ telescope.  The Heffalump continues to attract attention and we met a lovely couple from Tucson while visiting Kitt Peak, they invited us to park at their place for a few days and use their car to explore the area.  WOW, such kindness!

We got to do some much needed hiking in Saguaro NP (Hugh Norris trail to Wasson Peak) and Catalina State Park (Romero Canyon trail to the pools).  We were impressed with the State Parks; Picacho Peak and Catalina have VERY nice showers, we prefer to spend most of our time in BLM land and National Forests and Parks but it is nice to splurge once in a while and enjoy the services on offer at the State Parks.  The cacti were in bloom during our visit and this was the first time we had ever seen a Saguaro in bloom, we already love Saguaros and to see them in bloom was yet another WOW.  We also learned how expensive it is to get treated for a rattle snake bite when we attended one of the live animal presentations at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, the presenters were entertaining and informative, in fact we felt the presentation was what made this museum well worth the visit.  The Warden Aquarium in the museum was also well done especially the display of the by-catch caught for a handful of shrimp-see pages 26 & 30), a very sobering image of the damage done for such a small amount of food.

Click here to view our April Flickr album.


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