BAJA-Jan & Feb 2016

We spent two months in Baja and driving almost the whole Baja Peninsula we experienced some of the most scenic driving we have done to date, mountains, cacti as far as the eye could see and the aquamarine blue sea dotted with islands-just breathtaking.


The marine wildlife in Baja was simply spectacular; in addition to seeing the largest mammal that has ever lived (the blue whale) and the largest fish in the Ocean (the whale shark) we also saw humpback whales, grey whales, fin whales, dolphins, sea lions, mobula rays and manta rays! We were able to snorkel with the whale shark and the sea lions; being in the water with a whale shark was very peaceful, it just swam along slowly not bothered by the snorkelers swimming along side it.  Joe managed to stay right by the whale shark’s face while I mostly swam by its’ tail and swimming up to Joe I was able to appreciate its size. Snorkeling with the sea lions was altogether a different experience, they were so interactive, playful and curious.


A Different Life; During our stay in Loreto, the campground was in a residential area and every morning I would wake up to a cacophony of noises; roosters crowing, dogs barking, people and cars, Loreto is a fishing community after all so the day starts early but I did not mind, in fact it made me smile, as I wake early and morning is my favourite time of the day. When I think of our life back in Ottawa, in our neighbourhood if there was a dog barking at 5:00am surely someone would have called by law or complained to the owners about the noise but in Loreto it was so different, I just had to laugh.

Please click here to view our Baja Jan and Feb Flickr albums.


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