An Unexpected Revelation

For as long as I can remember I loved going to the beach but after spending eight weeks on the Baja Peninsula I have realized something, that loving beach life is age and stage of life dependent, for me. Let me explain, as a kid the beach was fun with lots of things to do;  playing in the sand, swimming, Frisbee, beach balls etc.  Once I was old enough to be working, the beach was an escape, a holiday of relaxation, escaping the cold and a place of peace and beauty. Now that I am not working and living a very relaxed almost stress free life the beach does not hold the same allure for me.  In addition I am one of those people that do not love the heat, I prefer to be active and I enjoy being active in a more temperate climate. Beach life is sedentary, for us, especially since we have no space to bring paddle boards or kayaks, I could swim, which would provide relief from the heat but swimming unlike hiking is hard to do for four to six hours.

I did not realize how much I needed to be active, this is due in part to an existing hip/low back condition that makes sitting for long periods of time quite uncomfortable for me. This was also the first time in our travels that we did not have easy access to hiking trails.  Mexico is considered to be a “developing” country and developing countries just don’t have the resources to be building and maintaining hiking trails for tourists.


I think spending time in developing countries is important and valuable because when we visit a developing country it always helps us to put things in perspective and helps us to realize just how much we take for granted.


One thought on “An Unexpected Revelation

  1. Hi Stacey. Good to hear from you. I can fully understand your feelings regarding the beach life. One changes their interest/priorities as one ages. Thank you for sharing this with me. Anne.


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