December 2015-Utah

On Dec 12th we left La Junta, CO the weather did not allow us to explore New Mexico so we pushed on to Utah. We then spent several days in the Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley, WOW!  Stunningly beautiful. It was cold and there was snow in Valley of the Gods when we arrived but that just made it more spectacular. We put new tires on the truck, which it desperately needed and this allowed us to drive up Moki Dugway, it was a little heart stopping especially with snow on the road but the new tires did the job and what a view overlooking the whole valley. It is places like Valley of the Gods that made us buy this truck and it is places like Valley of the Gods that we have been itching to get to, BLM land, free camping, stunning scenery and no neighbours! I just have to laugh when I think about us spending up to $40+ on a campground when there are places like Valley of the Gods.  In fact if BLM camping did not exist I don’t think we would be exploring the US the way we are, we chose this truck in large part because we knew we would be able to take advantage of areas that had no services, as a friend said, our truck is the perfect boondocking vehicle.  We will return to this beautiful state because there is so much more to see!

Monument Valley was beautiful as well and certainly lived up to our expectations. Fortunately we were able to drive the loop in our truck, apparently in the busy seasons they do not allow big rigs to drive the loop so we were able to take our time, stop as often as we wanted and even have a leisurely lunch along the way. Even though we may encounter unfavorable weather there are many advantages to traveling to places during off peak seasons.

Click here to view our Dec 2015 Flickr album.


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