December 2015-California

We spent one week in Southern California before crossing the border into Baja. We were meeting up with a big group of Rv’ers for New Years Eve in Anza Borrego State Park, this would be the first time we would be camping with such a large group and it was a great experience.
On our way to Anza Borrego we drove through the Imperial Sand Dunes Rec. Area which was beautiful and full of people driving dune buggies which looked like a lot of fun. As we continued along to Salton Sea, we stopped at Bombay Beach which was a little disturbing, it stank of dead fish and as we walked along the beach we realized it was littered with dead fish.  Apparently the Salton Sea was formed when a heavy rain caused the Colorado River to burst through the banks of an irrigation canal, sending millions of gallons of water into a previously dried out lake bed. Standing on this beach trying not to breathe in the putrefied air it was hard to imagine that in the 50’s and 60’s this place was a tourist attraction. Due to agricultural runoff,  (water contaminated with salt, fertilizers and pesticides) because Salton Sea is surrounded by nearly half a million acres of agricultural land, this former oasis is now a very “Apocalypsey” place and although we saw lots of birds along the beach and in the water we were mistaken in thinking that was a good sign, rather, Avian botulism is a persistent problem at Salton Sea killing off thousands of birds each year, so overall Salton Sea is a very sad and disturbing place to visit.
In Anza Borrego Park we walked to the Borrego Palm Canyon which was a great hike, well worth doing and finally before we left the park we drove to all the metal sculptures that draw visitors from all over the world, our favourites were the serpent, scorpion and grasshopper.

Please click here to view our December 2015 Flickr album.


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