December 2015-Arizona

Arizona is one of our favourite states, there is so much to see.  Thirteen years ago during our first trip to this beautiful state we visited those sites that most tourists see; the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam and Sedona and funnily enough it was planning a second trip to the Grand Canyon for my 40th birthday that put us on the path that ended with us buying this truck and touring the America’s. Traveling in the Heffalump at a much slower pace we found three more Arizona gems, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, the drive along the ALT 89 South, up Mount Mingus to the charming town of Jerome with spectacular views overlooking the valley and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

We stumbled upon Sunset Crater Volcano NM after a very long day of driving, we did not realize our beautiful surroundings until we woke up in the morning and drove the Wupatki scenic road through the park.  Along the drive we stopped to walk to some of the prehistoric pueblos which is well worth doing.  It is so rewarding to find these beautiful places,  especially without doing any planning!  Organ Pipe Cactus NM, right along the Arizona Mexico border, blew us away with its stunning scenery, we stayed several days and did the Ajo Mountain Loop scenic drive, which was beautiful. In addition we drove the North and South Puerto Blanco drive but this was slow going, rough and we almost got stuck in a sandy wash, it had beautiful scenery as well but we preferred the Ajo loop. We also hiked the  Arch Canyon trail as well as the Estes Canyon/Bull Pasture loop which was fantastic, one of our favourite hikes in the last fourteen months, period.   Arizona is another state we will return to because we still have not seen everything it has to offer.

Click here to view our Dec 2015 Flickr album.


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