November 2015-Ontario & Illinois

On November 10th we hit the road again after a relaxing visit with friends and family in Ottawa.  We visited Niagara Falls on the way to Point Pelee.  Niagara Falls is always spectacular but Point Pelee was a new destination for both of us.  We drove the Scenic #3 most of the way and it was a beautiful drive and Point Pelee itself is a beautiful place with spectacular views.  We did not have great weather but we managed to do a  few walks in the park, the marsh boardwalk was particularly nice.


Marsh boardwalk, Point Pelee

We continued driving Southwest to Chicago, one of the few cities we wanted to visit and we ended up spending three days there.  Thanks to fellow travelers we parked at McCormick Place for $23/night and it was just a 6 km walk to downtown.  We loved Chicago, the architecture and the Lakefront Trail make it a beautiful city and we really enjoyed the Institute of Art, especially the Thorne’s Miniature Rooms, the Arms & Armor and the Monet’s.  The Fields Museum was also fantastic but it is huge and we only had one morning to visit so we chose to spend our limited time in the Mammoth & Mastodons Exhibit and The Evolving Planet & Dinosaur Hall.  The collection of fossils and trilobites in this museum was incredible and the staff were great,  very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful, a fantastic place to visit!  The Fields Museum also has the world famous fossil known as “SUE” the largest, best-preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found-very cool!

Click here to view our Nov Flickr album.



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