November 2015-Kansas

We did not know what to expect with Kansas, I pictured something similar to the Canadian Prairies, which I have been driven through several times in my life but Kansas was beautiful with its rolling countryside.  We stopped in Tallgrass National Preserve and were blown away by the stunning landscape, we walked the Scenic Overlook Trail hoping to see some Bison and we got lucky.  We drove along the scenic bi way through most of Kansas and we saw plenty of wildlife; hawks, coyotes, deer and to our delight the Snow Geese.  We have been wanting to see the snow geese since we left Ottawa over one year ago and we kept missing them but as we were driving along the #56 we noticed that the sky was full of flocks of birds, it was not until we stopped and had a closer look that we realized they were Snow Geese, thousands and thousands of Snow Geese, well worth the wait!



In Southwestern Kansas we saw for the first time a CAFO (Concentrated Animal feeding Operation ) or Feedlot, we of course have seen footage of these places in documentaries and have read descriptions in numerous books but coming face to face with one was a whole new experience.  It was unsettling, disturbing and disgusting, you smell CAFO’s before you see them.   Most people driving through Kansas will not see these as they are not beside the interstate but because we seek out less busy roads we were able to witness this extremely unpleasant reality of our meat production.


Click here to view our Nov Flickr album.


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