December 2015-Dinosaur Tracks

We arrived in Colorado in late November and our first order of business was going to Terry Lee Enterprises in La Junta to get some minor work done on the truck, this was our first opportunity since we bought the truck to have some one who really knows these trucks give it a good once over.

La Junta at first glance may seem like it has nothing to offer but there are some lovely historic buildings here, the people are very friendly, courteous and polite and La Junta is close to some beautiful canyons, Vogel and Picketwire, which is famous for its dinosaur tracks.  The 5.5 mile walk to the dinosaur tracks is beautiful.  I don’t know if I can put into words how mind blowing this was but these foot prints look like something out of a movie, there is no animal alive today that could leave footprints like this. It was very surreal to be able to touch and stand in a dinosaurs’ footprints. The tracks were made 150 million years ago by two types of dinosaurs; Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), plant eaters that lived in herds and Allosaurus, a two footed three toed, solitary, meat eating scavenger. One hundred and fifty million years ago these dinosaurs would have been walking along the shore of a shallow lake in an area surrounded by tropical forest. We could even see from the tracks where a young Apatosaur was walking side by side with an adult, probably its parent, then wandered off probably being curious or playful and then came back-how cool is that?!


Aerial view of dinosaur track site


Click here to view our November Flickr album.


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