Saranac Lake-Oct 2015

We spent four days hiking in Saranac Lake.  When we left Ottawa in November 2014 our first stop was  Saranac Lake and we hiked Ampersand Mountain, this time, almost one year later we wanted to do more of the Saranac Six hikes. We managed to do Mount Regis, Haystack and Mount McKenzie.  We were lucky as the leaves were turning making the views from the summits that much more stunning.
It was on the summit of Mount Regis that we climbed over a big boulder to see the view on the other side and the reds and oranges were so spectacular, it was like being punched in the face with colour.  On the other hand Mount McKenzie was slightly disappointing, it was a tough hike and there was a small clearing with a ledge from which you could get a partial view but it was actually hard to tell if you were at the summit as there was no signage and no obvious summit.  However, any hike with a view, even a partial one, is still worth doing in my books.

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