Maine-Sept 2015

In late September we drove to Maine to visit Acadia NP, it was quite busy with people wanting to see the leaves turning but the hiking trails were pretty quiet. We stayed two nights in Blackwood campground but found it too expensive at $40/night with the only service being toilet facilities.  We thoroughly enjoyed the hiking, we particularly liked the Jordan Cliff Trail. We went to Bar Harbour courtesy of the free shuttle bus service throughout the park and walked the Shore Path which was lovely.

On our way to visit friends in Augusta we drove along the coast to Portland, which was beautiful and in Yarmouth we saw the worlds biggest globe, Eartha, which was really neat but it was the towns of Camden and Bath that we liked the most. Then we headed north to do some more scenic driving and hiking, we got lucky because the leaves were just starting to turn. Overall we really liked Maine it has a beautiful coast and spectacular hiking.

Please click here to view our Fall 2015 Flickr album.



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