September 2015-Maritimes

In Nova Scotia we drove out to the Louisbourg lighthouse, which we had visited 12 years earlier, the lighthouse had not changed but there was a new coastal walking path which was beautiful. We also spent a day in the Fortress of Louisbourg, Wow! the work that has gone into this reconstruction is truly incredible.  Neither of us had been to PEI so it was our next stop, we visited the Charlottetown Farmers Market, then the National Park– the campgrounds were closed but we stayed overnight in one of the beach parking lots. The weather was too cold to enjoy the numerous beaches but the views were spectacular and we even saw a couple of foxes. Lastly we visited The Dunes gift shop and The Gouda Lady, both worth the visit.  We had heard mixed reviews of PEI but we really liked this province, with its rolling countryside and lots of farms it reminded us of the English Countryside, which we both love.

How do you visit New Brunswick and not go to Hopewell Rocks to see the world’s highest tides? Well we managed to do it 12 years ago and we were not going to miss it again.  First we stayed in Fundy NP where we spent two days hiking and saw some lovely waterfalls. We did walk around Hopewell rocks at low tide but it was too late in the year to go out on a kayak tour so we had to settle for views of high tide from the observation platforms, still impressive.
In St.John while we were visiting the Carleton Martello Tower, staff urged us to go to St.Andrews and we always take local advice. St.Andrews is a gem, we stayed for two days. We walked around the town to see some of the historic buildings, the Ross Memorial House is definitely worth a visit, and we drove to Ministers Island, a tidal island with a walking trail all around the perimeter of the island-beautiful!  Kingsbrae Gardens was also worth the visit and if you want a fabulous meal head to The Niger Reef Tea house; we had the lobster sandwich, absolutely delicious. This was the first and only time we had lobster in the Maritimes-shameful, I know!

Click here to view our Sept Flickr album.


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