Privilege, Perspective & the State of WOW

Joe & I love to travel, it is the one thing we want to spend most of our lives doing. Travel keeps us grounded and keeps our lives in perspective, we always feel grateful when we travel.  Having the time and means to travel is a privilege and one we do not want to take for granted.

The Oxford English dictionary defines Wow as ” Expressing astonishment or admiration.”  I have come to realize that travel keeps me in, what I like to call, an almost constant State of WOW, “Wow what a beautiful view!” that one happens A LOT.  The first time I saw an iceberg up close was a big WOW. “Wow what nice people!” this one happens a lot as well, especially now that we travel full time.  And then there are different WOW moments like,  “Wow look at all the plastic garbage along the shore”, “Wow what a tough life” this one applies to both wildlife and people.

All these WOW moments, negative and positive are important and have had a big impact on me.  WOW moments, especially the negative ones have given me many epiphanies and motivated me to make big life changes, all for the better. It is all these WOW moments that form the foundation of my significant life experiences.

Nearly all my WOW moments have happened when I have been traveling and this just confirms for me how important travel is in my life and maybe I am easily Wowed but this makes my life very, very enjoyable!


2 thoughts on “Privilege, Perspective & the State of WOW

  1. Thanks for keeping me up to date. Yes, there is a lot of WOW in this world. One just has to take the time to stand still and observe this wonder.
    You are so fortunate to do all this travel and experience all the wonderful things in this world., at such an early age. I guess it is called “early retirement”. Good for you that you have that chance to do that and that you choose this road in your life. Good on ya.!

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