The art of packing-Part 2 of 2

October 2014 was chaotic with the closing of our house sale and having to sort and pack all of our remaining possessions needless to say we arrived on my mother-in-law’s doorstep exhausted and overwhelmed. We spent three weeks prepping for our journey and as you know from my camera story my brain was not functioning at its best.

When we started to pack up the truck all I thought was “we are going South, I don’t need Winter clothes” Duh! We had to get South first and when we arrive it will be Winter in Florida. I knew we would be doing a lot of hiking and fortunately I did remember to pack my hiking gear. My waterproof gear allows me to layer and believe me I needed all my layers in November & December.

It took me a while to adjust to this truck being home, meaning I was still thinking of this journey as a trip, something I had to pack for rather than, “this is my new way of life” so why wouldn’t I have clothes for all seasons? The clothes that were easiest to eliminate were our dressy clothes, initially I wanted each of us to have a dressier outfit for when we visited cities and perhaps attended a broadway show or went out for a fancy dinner but we just have no inclination to do that kind of thing.  An evening out just does not fit into our lifestyle, at least not now or not yet…

Wildlife viewing and hiking are our highest priorities right now, we are both physically fit so we figure we need to take advantage of this while we can.  Hiking for me is just the best way to spend time, it combines so many great things; being outdoors-usually in beautiful places, wildlife viewing, great photography opportunities and of course being physically active. It is also while I am hiking that I brainstorm for my newsletters and blog posts, I have had several life altering epiphanies while hiking and I try to solve the world’s problems-have not made much headway on that one. On the other hand if the hike is strenuous my mind is completely empty because I am barely breathing and just trying to put one foot in front of the other or I am utterly absorbed with the view and trying to take it all in.

So for now the high heels will stay in storage.


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