June 2015

We left Ottawa on June 15th and headed to Quebec City, funnily enough as close as Quebec City is to Ottawa I had never visited and it was high on my must-see list. Old Quebec City did not disappoint, we spent two days there and we had perfect weather.

We spent a few days in the Saguenay area, hiking and whale watching. We were a little shocked to have to pay to go on one of the hiking trails ($17 for both of us!), we are certainly spoiled in Ottawa with Gatineau Park and the Adirondacks close by but we paid anyways. We went on a whale watching boat tour and we did get to see whales;  Minke, Beluga and Fin (the second largest whale after the Blue whale) and we even saw some Harp seals.  It is always a gamble with wildlife so we were very pleased to see the whales.

Joe had wanted to drive the Labrador highway and our truck is perfectly suited for this drive so off we went.   It took us three days to get to Happy Valley Goose Bay (keep in mind, this road is a lot of up and down and we cannot climb fast at all, we drop down to 25 km/hr on steep hills) and by the third day we had seen enough. We are glad we did the drive, not many people get to do it but we would not do it again. The road is not in great condition and it was very dusty with several construction delays.

Along the southeast coast in Labrador we visited St.Lewis, Red Bay and L’Anse Amour. We were originally only going to Red Bay but when we stopped in Happy Valley to get some groceries a fellow traveler told us to go to St.Lewis to see icebergs. Great suggestion! We spent three days in St.Lewis (population 300), there is a lovely hiking trail and there were several icebergs in the bay. After speaking to a few locals we met Lawrence who took us out on his boat to get a closer look at the icebergs and it was amazing!

These remote, rural communities are a real gem for travelers like us, the locals are inquisitive, friendly, kind and generous. We loved the southeast part of Labrador, if you decide to travel to Newfoundland, leave a few days open to get to Labrador, well worth the visit!  Please click here to see our Spring Flickr album.



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