As we were driving through The Great Smoky Mountains NP I realized a shift had happened in my mind.  Initially when we started this trip I looked forward to getting into cities, they felt familiar and comfortable.  I have always lived in cities.  However I think the back country camping in Big Bend changed me, now I yearn to be in parks and back country and dread having to go into cities with the noise, litter and people in a rush.
The bombardment of advertising and neglect of cities is exhausting, even driving along highways with the onslaught of billboards is visually distracting and tiring. The transition is quite remarkable as soon as you enter a National/State Park, nature is truly calming and rejuvenating.

Shifting into retirement on the other hand was easy-peasy. Right from the first day on the road we comfortably eased into our new lifestyle.

  • not having to wake up at a certain time-easy.
  • no set routine/schedule-love it!
  • bad weather-no worries, we can wait it out or move to better weather
  • being bored-not a chance, too many places to see!

I think it takes quite a bit of effort to be stressed or bored in retirement.

The beauty of traveling and living full time in our motorhome is that we are always home.  Home is familiar, comfortable and safe.  Situations that would normally cause us stress like sitting in construction traffic are no longer stressful or frustrating because we can just go sit in the dinette and turn on our computer and watch a favourite DVD (thanks to solar panels) or sit and read one of our many books.

Our schedule now sounds like this “we would LIKE to be in Newfoundland SOMETIME in the Spring.”


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