December 2014

We arrived in South Carolina on Dec. 2nd.  Myrtle Beach was not our cup of tea, I did that in my 20’s, Charleston was our must see destination in South Carolina.   We spent a day walking along Charleston’s waterfront and historic district and we had perfect weather.

Then it was off to Georgia to see Savannah and the Okefenokee Swamp.  We had another beautiful day to walk around the historic district in Savannah.  We loved Savannah, it reminded us a bit of Italy with all of its park squares.  Okefenokee swamp was a completely new experience for us, the wildlife was amazing but it was here that I felt fear on a level I had never experienced before.  We enjoyed the two guided (motorized) boat tours we did but when we went out on our own in a canoe I was absolutely terrified when we came close to the gators.  To make matters worse the gators were skittish around the canoe so they would quickly thrash and dive into the water.  Our guide explained that this time of year with the colder weather, the gators can’t move as quickly and are therefore skittish when people get close.  Fortunately we were able to get our great gator photos from the guided boat tour and walking around the dock.

On December 11th we arrived in Florida, we thought we might spend a month in Florida but due to an unforeseen mechanical issue with the truck we did not leave until February 9th!  Joe realized the starter motor would have to be replaced so he ordered a new one but it would takes 3+ weeks to arrive, fortunately Florida is big and there is plenty to see.  Over the next 3 weeks we visited Amelia Island, St.Augustine, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge, and Big Cypress National Preserve.  We had a great time visiting all of these places, the highlight for us was the wildlife viewing in Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.

Please click here if you would like to see our December album on Flickr.


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