Feeling nostalgic

In October we said good-bye to our home of 10 years.  It was easy to walk away from our 2000 square foot home because we were both sick & tired of maintaining , what for us, was a large house.  It took me 2.5 hours to vacuum that home, we dreaded the idea of washing all the windows so much we only did it twice in 10 years and four bathrooms to clean, UGH!

A big house, which for us is anything over 500 sq/ft, is frankly a burden.  I know that is a bit harsh, we had wonderful times in that house but it was the people that made those memories not the house and even though Joe built that house, as he says, “I can build another one”.

We feel more nostalgic about the neighborhood of Westboro than we do about our home.   We lived a very comfortable and enjoyable life there, we were surrounded by great neighbors, fantastic food (farmers markets & restaurants) and beautiful tree lined streets with an eclectic collection of houses.

But for all its positives, the property taxes we had to pay on a 2000 sq/ft home in Westboro was incentive enough for us to make a major life change.


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