Tiny house living

There are several advantages to living in a tiny house but you also need to acquire certain skills to make tiny house living enjoyable.  Cleaning a tiny house takes minutes instead of hours but you need to limit your stuff to the essentials, keep your living space tidy and know how to maximize space.

A pot is not just a pot it is a perfect spot for storing bottles and jars.

Joe and I didn’t just downsize our home ( 127 sq/ft down from 2000 sq/ft) with this new lifestyle this was also the first time in our relationship when we were going to be together 24-7.  There was certainly a period of adjustment, we both realized that our faults and idiosyncrasies are magnified under these conditions and it took us a while to become a little more patient, a little more tolerant and sometimes to just keep quiet.   Although now we live very easily and comfortably in this tiny space, initially there were a lot of bumped heads and elbows and impatient body language when one of us was in the way of the other.

Tiny house living can either make or break a couple but if you are willing to adapt and compromise I think your relationship will only get stronger.


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