The art of packing-Part 1

I have been asked several times, “did you pack well, did you bring the right things?” Well, it is funny how the mind works especially in periods of stress & change;  I remembered to bring my camera BUT I forgot to bring batteries, battery charger and cards ?!  which means once the battery in the camera died the camera was absolutely useless.

Joe went on line to search for the appropriate batteries, charger and cards and he found them on Amazon (surprise, surprise) but he also discovered a little box marked “Amazon Locker.”  It turns out that you can have anything shipped to a locker and the lockers are located all over the country, mostly in 7-11’s.  We knew we were going to be in DC for a few days so Joe had the camera gear shipped to a 7-11 in DC.  Within a few days we received an email letting us know when the shipment would arrive at the locker and we were given a four-digit access code.  On the date of arrival we drove to the 7-11 and inside was a wall of lockers with a computer terminal in the middle, we punched in our code and a locker popped open with our stuff inside.  Brilliant!

Three weeks later I dropped the camera and broke it. F#%K!!!



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